Lumber on Long Island

I love living on Long Island. We’re in wonderful a wonderful suburb with great school, wooded lots and I happen to live on a quiet dead end. All that, and I’m only 30 miles from midtown Manhattan.

If you’ve heard me talk about my wonderful Island on the MWAPodcast, you’ve heard gripes about how this wonderful Island doesn’t have a good hardwood dealer. Thankfully, that situation has changed. Long Island is now the perfect place to live.

Recently, I was talking with Greg Ferdinand on twitter and he mentioned that he’d hear Riverhead Building Supply was stocking rough sawn lumber at their Calverton location. Last week he and I met there and boy do they.

It was like this, only real.

Greg and I toured the warehouse to find more than 30 species of rough sawn in stock. This seems to be mostly for Riverhead’s own custom millwork and hardwood flooring use, but they sell their stock to the public. We spend about 30 minutes just walking up and down the aisles, simply amazed at what they had in stock. I saw a piece of 8/4 Sapele that must have been 24” wide by 12’ long.

I’m not sure if these seems impressive to most of you. For Long Island, it is fantastic.

Between Riverhead Building’s Calverton rough sawn lumber warehouse and the new Urban Hardwoods in Huntington Station it looks like I’ll have plenty of wood for future builds.

Note: I'm an idiot and didn't think to take an photos.

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