Let There Be Light

Since I’ve been in this shop (almost 6 years) I’ve had four (4) 48” T12 florescent light fixtures (with bulbs) sitting in my attic. These were the lights in my old shop and we took them with us when we moved.

The lights from my old shop.

Because the fixtures plug in with a three (3) prong outlet, all that would be needed to do to connect them in the current shop would be to replace the ceramic bulb fixture with an outlet and hang the lights. Even though I assumed this process would take about an hour and a half I’ve put it off for the last 5+ years.

Why? I don’t know.

Last Saturday I finally got to work and installed the lights. It ended taking all day, three (3) trips to Home Depot, the purchase of 4 new lights and 8 new bulbs.

Now that's a well lit shop.

Once it was all over I had a well-lit shop. I ended up with five (5) 48” T12 fixtures (4 new and 1 old). According to my cocktail napkin math, my old lights totaled 7,200 lumens. The new lights are 25,000 lumens. Even if that math is wrong, it’s now damn bright.

Even though it took a full day and multiple trips to the store, this proved to be an easy and huge upgrade to the shop. I should have done it long ago.

By the way, the 48” T12 (or T8) shop fixtures are cheap. Why not brighten up your shop too?

It's even bright from outside.

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