50 Episodes of the MWA Podcast

We are excited to have reached our 50th episode here on the MWA Podcast!  We started the podcast as a review of Tommy Mac's book 2 years ago and just kept going.  We could not have continued without the support of our listeners and thank you all for the wonderful support you have given us.  For our 50th episode the thought it couldn't be more fitting than to go back to the beginning and bring Tommy onto the show.  We hope you enjoy the show and thanks again for listening.

Show Notes:

What’s in the shop?
  • Chris - has a boo boo.
  • Dyami - The Quilt Rack is Shaping Up
  • Tom - Started milling boards for the Dresser Top Valets

Blog post that piqued our interest
  • I am a woodshop by Mike Rowe

Goings on in the MWA
  • The woodworking shows have finished this year’s rounds and are already planning the next tour.  I hope you got a chance to go if it came nearby.  Word on the street is they’re adding more cities next year.


  • There’s a Lie Nielsen show in Charleston, SC this weekend too!  March 28th & 29th at the American College of the Building Arts in the old city jail.  Sounds like a cool location and  Tom Lie Nielsen himself will be there and may be bringing their new plow plane along.  Also appearing will be Master Carver, Mary May, and Caleb James, plane maker and chairmaker.  Plenty of tool porn there for sure. Lie Nielsen Charleston Event Details

  • Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show (www.philiaifs.com).  That is going on April 5th and 6th at the 23rd St. Armory in Philly.  So, if you’re in the area or are traveling through Philadelphia around then, see if you can stop in. Philly Invitational Furniture Show]

  • If you have an event in your area that you want us to promote or want to start a chapter in your area, let us know.  You can reach me at SeanW78 on twitter, or at spwiz5578@gmail.com.

Main topic
  • For the show, the goal is to make projects which are interesting to everyone. Some to new people, some to parents, some contemporary, some traditional etc.
  • What Tommy wants to make also plays a role.
  • Tommy’s new KitchenTommy's Kitchen.jpeg

Community Conversation

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