Now That's A Stool

Chris Wong's Shop Stool Build Off has come to a close. By all accounts it was a fun and successful event. There were 43 shop stools made. Each was a great project by a wonderful woodworker.

The factory made stool which Chris didn't like which started it all.

I was lucky enough to help judge the event, and it was difficult to decide as so many of the stools were exceptional.

You can read all of the results here, on

Here are some of the winners and their wonderful stools.

Jamie Hubbard's stool won Reader's #3 Choice.
It was my vote for Best Overall.
Sean Rubino's stool won Reader's #2 Choice.
I though the clean design and subtle details
made this a wonderful stool.
Neil Cronk's stool won Best Overall and many other
awards too. I love the way the front and
rear legs intersect and contrast with each other.
Sean Wisniewski's stool won for Most Impressive Joinery.
I think he should also get extra credit for such
a handsome shirt.
Though I've only shown a few here, it is due to space, not the quality of the other stools. This just a taste of the entries. There are many other winners, and many other entries. All of which deserve attention and congratulations.

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