An Eshrick Inspired Stool

Neil Cronk's recent Shop Stool Build-Off Stool is a great piece of Eshrick inspired work. You've probably hear about it here and in Chris Wong's Shop Stool Build-Off posts. Neil's stool won best overall in the build-off.

Neil's Stool.

Yesterday I was pleased to see that Neil's stool also caught the eye of +Charles Bender, Eshrick aficionado and +Popular Woodworking Magazine Senior Editor. In his blog post today, Chuck talks about Neil's stool and goes into the heritage a bit, explaining the Eshrick chair which he thought inspired the stool as well as the one that actually did.

Eshrick' Stool (awesome, but not the inspiration for Neil's).

Chuck knows his Eshrick and it's a great post well worth reading. You can see it here.

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