Fine Woodworking Live Will Take 2014 Off

This week on the +Modern Woodworkers Association podcast we spoke with Tom McKenna, the editor of Fine Woodworking. We had a great discussion about his career, his woodworking and his vision of the magazine. The full interview will post soon and I'd encourage everyone to listen to it.

The biggest bombshell to come out of our conversation was Tom's comments on Fine Woodworking Live. Fine Woodworking Live will take 2014 off while they reassess and reformulate show.

Alas, this banner won't be hanging up in 2014

It is early in the processes and certainly doesn't seem like any decisions have been made at this point. Yet based on Tom's comments it seems as though this is an earnest re-evaluation of the event designed to address the major shortfalls of the two (2) Fine Woodworking Lives held so far.

Anyone who has attended a Fine Woodworking Live knows that though the seminars, instructors and general presentations have been wonderful, the locations have been a major shortfall. The colleges they've used have provided wonderful lecture and banquet spaces, while both being too far from hotels. The result of having the hotels 10 to 20 minutes away by car was that when class was done everyone went back to their room and there was no community.

The classes and seminars at Fine Woodworking Live
have always been exceptional.

An event like Fine Woodworking Live is about the community. It has always been my experience that any woodworking event is about the people you meet. Over the past five (5) years I've attended more than my share of woodworking events and each one was made special because of the friends (old and new) I met there. At the more successful events, we (the attendees) stayed across the street or a block away from the convention and there were places to eat and drink within walking distance. That meant we were on foot and together when the event ended each day. That resulted in our dining and hanging out together, which, at least for me, has led to some of my best friends.

Being able to break bread and hang out with other woodworkers
is what makes woodworking events so wonderful.
Unfortunately, this has been hard to do at the past FWW Live venues.

I hope that Fine Woodworking Live is successful at reformulating their event. It is not an event I want to see go away. I want to see it stronger and more enjoyable in the future. I wish them the best of luck.

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