Won't Your Fireplace Be Jealous?

The start of the year had come and gone with nary a word from the Furniture Project. Typically the promotion of their traditional February event begins in the fall. The lack of information this year had me wondering if the event would continue (and hoping for the best). Though it didn't make it to air, I even had the question "what's up with the 2014 Furniture Project?" in the show notes for the most recent Modern Woodworkers Association podcast.

My friend, Rusty, with his stool from the 2012 Furniture Project

Then, as if in answer to my question, the Furniture Project tweeted this teaser on Friday:

Today the announcement came:

The whole announcement can be seen on their blog here.

While I can't admit to being in any need of a Chimney Cabinet, they have succeeded in choosing a project which can be as simple or complex as the maker likes.

Additional information on the actual 2014 Furniture Project isn't so easy to find. Luckily it's on the Rules and Eligibility form for entering a chimney cabinet. Here are the details:
The Furniture Project 2014
Seaport World Trade Center – Boston, MA – February 21-23, 2014

Call for Entries - Design|Build|Show Challenge:
Category Constraints:
  • The piece must be 3'-6' tall, no more than 24" wide and no more than 18" deep.
  • The piece must have at least one door.
  • The piece must be made primarily of wood, though the use of other materials is encouraged.
  • All finishes are acceptable (paint, oil, lacquer, shellac, etc.), including unfinished.
  • If you have any questions, email us at info@designbuildshow.com. We will update the rules with any frequently asked questions.
Hopefully I'll be able to make the 2014 Furniture Project. I've been to the show in years passed and I'd highly recommend it. Do visit if you can. And why not? Make a Chimney Cabinet and showcase it while you're there.

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