The Blogs A Hungry Beast

The blog is a hungry beast, devouring two posts every week. Alas, I'm running a bit behind this year. I've installed a bathroom fan and gotten bit by a stomach bug. Neither is woodworking, but both more time consuming that I'd imagined.

Careful marking for the weight holes.

Tonight I did finally get some basic woodworking in. It really only consisted of drilling, but it was with my boys, so it was still quite worth it. With everyone finally feeling better, we got to work on our Pinewood Derby cars. The race is this Saturday, so we're cutting it close.

I do have a few good posts in my head and will get back to proper woodworking in the next post or so.

For some proper woodworking right away, check out my buddy, Tom. He's been busy in the shop and always seems to find the time to write about it.

Night, night, Tom.

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