Jointer & Planer or Jointer/Planer

I've always been of the mind that having a separate jointer and planer was a better use of space in a narrow shop where having the room to lift up the jointer bed of a combo machine could be an issue. Frustrations with aligning the beds of my mid-50s jointer and not knowing where to put my planer have me re-thinking that
The current jointer I love and hate.
I'm currently thinking that I may be better off with a 12" combo machine instead. I would have to put it on a mobile base, but it could be more efficient with space than the two machines and would certainly increase my jointing capacity.

I want this to be my last jointer/planer purchase for a decade or two and I want it to have a helical cutter head. I'm currently considering (and saving for) the Jet or Grizzly.

Woodcraft had a 15% off sale this past weekend on the Jet, which got me thinking.

I also noticed in the new Rikon in an email from Highland Woodworking today.

I was wondering if any of you have these (or other) combo machines? Are they worth it? Is setup an issue? Most importantly, how close to a wall can you place the machine?

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