Building The Wine Rack: Part IV

Fabrication: Smoothing The Shape
After I was done with the Kutzall I should have moved to hand rasps. I find the length of the rasp allows for a more flowing motion and a smoother curve than is achieved by the Kutzall (or any other carving disc on a grinder). Because I was rushing to finish this project before Christmas, I did not use my rasps to smooth and flair the curve after the Kutzall. I instead went right to the sander. This left a shape which, while probably ok to most, isn’t flowing enough for me. There are two (2) small spots where the curve breaks along the back of the rack.

The back came out smoothish, but not perfect.

Once the shape was roughed in, I switched to the RAS 115 with a hard platen and 80 grit paper. This allows for more refined and controllable shaping than the Kutzall disc, while still leaving a very coarse finish.

A tip I learned from Paul Lemiski to remove the deep gouges of the Kutzall is to use a Rotex sander (I used the RO 90) set to speed 1 with a coarse sanding disc (I used 80 grit). This does a great job of removing the scratches left by the Kutzall wheel and my rasps.

The Rotex removed deep grooves and smooths these faceted surfaces.

Once the gouges and scratches were gone, I moved up the grits. I continued to use my RO 90 set to speed 1. I used a soft platen and an interface pad to allow the paper to conform to the convex and concave shapes of the wine rack. I left the sander in Rotex mode rather than random orbit mode because it is often only making partial contact. This will result in a pad that just wiggles back and forth in random orbit mode. In Rotex mode the pads are mechanically engaged and with the low speed I was able to control the sanding.

On previous projects I think I’ve sanded too fast and I’ve been unhappy with some deep scratched which remained when I got to the final finish. In order to avoid that with the sanding rack, I made light pencil marks across the rack after each grit and I made sure the pencil was completely sanded off before moving to the next one. I repeated this sanding/pencil mark process from 80 through 320 grit.

Ready for finish.

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