Building The Wine Rack: Part III

Fabrication: Disassembly In Order To Shape
While I was shaping the actual work piece with the Kutzall, it occurred to me that I would not be able to take the concave curve of the back all the way down to the top surface of the bottom without cutting into the bottom. On this revelation, I was especially glad I had left the back of the rack square.

There was no way to carry the curve to the bottom without dishing the base.

I took the wine rack off the 1x3 mount and brought it over to the band saw. I made a reference line in the middle of each side and used the band saw to cut the bottom off of the top of the L-Shape. With the two pieces apart, it allowed me to grind the concave curve all the way to the bottom of the back.

The bottom . . . removed.

Then I ran the bottom of the back and the top of the bottom across my planer to get them both flat and ready to be re-joined. This resulted in tear out of the back edge of the back, but as it was to all be curved later, I didn’t worry about it.

With the back separated from the bottom,
I was able to bring the curve all the way to the base.

After jointing both surfaces I found that though I had two (2) smooth and flat surfaces, I had taken material away unevenly. When the pieces were put together the reference lines I’d made lined up, but no longer made a straight line.

By jointing the faces, the angle of the back was altered.

To re-join the pieces I used a Domino on each side, centered on where the reference line met the face of the piece. I was again thankful I’d left the back square as it allowed me a flat surface to reference the Domino against and a flat surface at the top to clamp.

Back together.

Once the back and bottom were re-joined, I finally took it back to the band saw and cut the curve on the back face. Then I reattached the 1x3 and worked to shape the convex curve of the back, sides and top with the Kutzall. It came out as a nice, mostly flowing curve.

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