Building The Wine Rack: Part I

Alas, I was no Last Minute Elf. I tried to have two (2) projects done before Christmas. One still sits — barely started — on my miter saw wing. The other, having been finished on Christmas morning, now sits in my Mother’s kitchen. I’ll regale you with the tale of the frame once o finally build it. Here is the tale of the Wine Rack.

When I had decided that I wanted to build a wine rack for my mom, I began by looking at other racks. I did most of my looking on Pinterest and created a board of the designs I liked.

My initial idea was to make one in the shape of a “C” and have two (2) bottles of wine hang from the top by locking their necks in holes drilled in the stand. Alas, the more I worked on this design, the less I liked it. Developing it and making design adjustments also ate up valuable time I could have spent building the wine rack.
After playing with the “C” design for a week or two I’d had enough. I took an empty wine bottle to the shop, slapped it on a scrap piece of LVL and starter sketching away with a pencil. When I was done I had sketched a wine rack which holds a single bottle of wine in a slightly reclined position. The bottle is slightly wrapped by the concave face of the back which prevents the bottle from rolling off the side and contributes to the overall sculpted look.

The final sketched out wine rack on the LVL blank.

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