While I Was Away

This past weekend I was lucky enough to head down to Atlanta and attend Designing and Building Chairs with Jeff Miller at Highland Woodworking. The class was a blast and I'll be sharing more about it here and on the Highland Woodworking blog in the coming days.

The class was awesome and resulted in the great chair prototype made by the class.
While I was busy in Atlanta, my friends on the interwebs were busy posting videos and other great content. Here are some of the best things I've seen on the web lately.

The Highland 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Scott Meek Smoothing Plane
+Scott Meek has been a longtime friend. In this video +Mike Morton unboxes and reviews one of the really neat 35th Anniversary Edition plans which Scott is making for +Highland Woodworking.

A Moment with a Planemaker - Scott Meek Woodworks
Keeping with Highland videos for a moment, this is another recent video of theirs featuring Scott. This video about Scott and the planes he makes also features the debut of our good friend +Christopher Adkins behind the camera for Highland Woodworking.

Toshio Odate
This video goes back to Woodworking in America 2009. +Tom Iovino took it of Toshio's Japanese Plane class. It's a brief review of adjusting Japanese Vs. Western hand planes and is a fascinating watch, regardless of which you use.

Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Mug
+Marc Spagnuolo has given in to popular demand and introduced a Woodworkers Fighting Cancer mug. It features the great logo +John Funk created for the cause. If you're not familiar with Woodworkers Fighting Cancer, you should be. You can check them out here.

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