The Long Island Woodworkers Show

For the past few years my Dad has been bugging me to join the Long Island Woodworkers Club. While I’ve not been avoiding it, it hasn’t worked out either. Their monthly meetings are on Wednesdays, the same night of the week a bunch of woodworking talking heads record their podcast. Also, while my wife has made a reluctant peace with the fact that I’ busy on Wednesday nights, the fact that I’m down in the basement recording (instead of off at a meeting) means I’m still around to help with dinner and put the kids to bed (especially on the Wednesday nights she works).

This wonderfully decorated bench welcomes visitors to the show.
Last week I finally filled out my application and gave in. I’m now a full-fledged member of the Long Island Woodworkers Club.

My first (and so far only) act as a member has been to participate in the member showcase at the 2013 Long Island Woodworkers Show. The show, held this past weekend at the Nassau County Old Bethpage Village Restoration (a poor man’s Williamsburg) was a great experience. Similar to years past the center of each aisle in the cross shaped timber framed barn the event is held in was filled with tables displaying the member’s pieces. As proud as I was to have my quilt rack, book stand and glue gun rack on display my work pales next to pieces submitted by other members. There were many outstanding pieces, such as t Frank Pace’s Music Stand, Adam Fisher’s Rocker and Daryl Rosenblatt’s Fortune No. 1 Chair.

Frank's Great Music Stand.
Adam's awesome rocker.
Daryl's amazing Fortune No. 1.
Hey, look! Someone actually like's this idiot's quilt rack.
I’ll feature photos of many great pieces at the bottom of this post. You can also check out my full album on Picasa here.

Besides the pride of displaying among such a talented group of woodworkers, the show was enjoyable for the reason any long time reader knows I’m getting to: the Community. Is there any better way to spend a day than among woodworkers talking about woodworking? Though my conversations were brief, it was wonderful to speak with everyone about the craft we all love. Joining a local club and participating in a local event is something every woodworkers should do.

I’m hoping our every other week podcasting schedule will allow me to make some upcoming Long Island Woodworkers Club meetings. I’m certainly excited to make it when I can.

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