Showing My Pieces & Joining The Club

My Dad has been a member of the Long Island Woodworker Club for many years. During that time he has learned much with them and made many good woodworking friends. Since he joined, he’s been pushing me to join too.

While I’ve always been open to joining, their schedule of meeting the first Wednesday of every month has kept me away. For the last few years my Wednesday nights have been dedicated to the Modern WoodworkersAssociation. We record our podcast (nearly) every other Wednesday and we try to have Admin meetings on the Wednesday’s we don’t record.

My first submission, Katie's Quilt Rack.

While the MWA remains my baby and I’ve no intention of backing away, this year I’ve given in and joined the Long Island Woodworkers Club.

The second piece, Kathi's Book Stand.
Initially, my reason for joining was their upcoming show. My Dad’s been on me to enter a few pieces in their furniture showcase and I need to be a member in order to display.

My final submission, Carolyn's Glue Gun Caddie.
This morning as I was filling out my applications to the organization and to display I read over their web site. While it’s not the most up to date site on the web, it does cover the most important thing – their meetings. The thing that has kept me away for so long is now what I’m most looking forward to. Coming off Woodworking in America, the thought of meeting once a month with other woodworkers to discuss and share the craft is exciting. While I’ll probably miss a few meetings to keep up the podcast, when the MWA has an off first Wednesday of the month you know where I’ll be.

Do you belong to a local woodworking club or guild?

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