I've Always Wanted To Make A Chair (at least since summer)

On Monday +Lee Valley Tools released their latest video from Woodworking in America. This one it titled, What's The One Thing You've Always Wanted To Make? While I was initially disappointed I didn't make the video (I'm in the two previous WIA videos), I realized it likely had to do with my project.

Making a chair seemed to be listed by about half those interviewed. Frankly, everyone else had a better description or explanation than I did.

It remains though - I do want to make a chair. Since reading Jeff Miller's Chairmaking and Design over the summer I've had building a chair stuck in my head.

In an attempt to nurture that chair I've attended wonderful chair classes with Ejler Hjorth-Westh at WIA and even traveled to Atlanta to attend a class on chairmaking with Jeff himself.

Now all I need to do is decide on a design and get to work. While the chair supposed to be a 2013 project, I am closer and more ready than I've ever been. By the end of 2014 I should be able to write these posts form the comfort of my own chair.

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