What Cool Kids Will Be Asking At Woodworking in America

I leave for Woodworking in America 2013 in two (2) days. As you can imagine, my excitement is tempered by the pile of work I have to do between now and then. Given the size of that pile, I was about to write an "I'm lame and too busy for a proper post" post. Luckily, Modern Woodworkers Association members have come though and I can write an "I'm really busy but this was a quick post to write" post. One that is hopefully also somewhat informative.
No one can escape the 5 questions.
We started a tradition last year of asking 5 questions to the woodworkers we met at WIA. Last week I asked for suggestions on 5 more questions. Many of your responded with great questions. Thank you.

After much consideration (and Changing up +Tom Iovino's suggestions) here are the 5 we'll be asking this year.

  1. What was the first woodworking project you built?
  2. What was the last woodworking project you built?
  3. How messy is your shop, right now?
  4. What is your go-to finish? Why?
  5. Do you belong to a local woodworking club or guild?

Unfortunately, not everyone's suggested questions made it in. Hopefully the selected ones will do. If you're dying to ask the question you submitted, hold onto it. They'll be plenty of time to ask and discuss after hours.

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