Questions 6 Through 10

Last year at Woodworking in America we ran around with our recorder (twice, actually) and asked the same 5 questions of everyone we could find.

Last Year's Questions:
  1. How did you get into woodworking?
  2. What's your favorite tool?
  3. Who has influenced you the most?
  4. What was your biggest stumbling block & could it have been avoided?
  5. How has the internet influenced your work?
This year, thanks to the generous help of our members, we have a much better recording rig. We're setting up to record an episode or two of the MWA Podcast while we're in Cincinnati.
The initial setup of the new rig.
That's not to say we won't again also unleash Tom on the marketplace floor with the upgraded recorder. Since some of the fantastic woodworkers we'll run into are folk we've already asked the 5 questions of (at WIA last year and on the podcast since), we're looking to come up with 5 more questions for WIA2013.
So far we we have two questions for this year.
  1. What was the first woodworking project you built?
  2. What was the last woodworking project you built?
As you can see, we need three (3) more questions. That's where you come in. Please post the questions you'd like us to ask in the comments below (or on Google+). We'll go through them and add three (3).
Thanks for all the help & support. We hope it'll payoff in great Woodworking in America content.

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