Online Woodworking In America

This year there will be a first at Woodworking in America. In addition to the normal lectures and classes about all sorts of woodworking, there will be an Online Woodworking Roundtable on Friday afternoon at 4:30. Either Popular Woodworking has run out of real woodworking to discuss (I find this hard to believe) or we're really onto something with this online woodworking thing (seems equally unlikely).

Stand back offline woodworkers. Here we come.

The Online Woodworking Roundtable panel will include my fellow +Modern Woodworkers Association podcast hosts, +Christopher Adkins and +Tom Iovino. Filling out the roster will be online heavy hitters +Marc Spagnuolo+Matt Vanderlist and +Shannon Rogers of Wood Talk Show. I'm not on the panel myself, but I'll be in the front row leading the hecklers.

From the lecture description:
With Marc Spagnuolo, Matt Vanderlist, Shannon Rogers, Tom Iovino, Chris Adkins and more. Few things have changed the face of woodworking more than the advent of the Internet. Whether you enjoy the latest, cutting-edge power tools or want to learn more about the traditional skills of centuries past, there are web sites and bloggers that will capture your interest. Join a panel of the best-known online woodworkers and educators to find out how to get the most out of your online woodworking experience, discover what goes into creating valuable online content and learn how they are reaching out to a new generation of craftsmen and craftswomen.

If you're reading this, you know about the online woodworking community. Please join us for the lecture on Friday afternoon. We'll talk of all the community has to offer and demonstrate that it is THE place to be in the current world of woodworking.

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