Moving Pictures of Woodworking In America 13

I never seem to leave Woodworking in America having taken enough media back with me. This year, though I took plenty of photos, I didn't take any videos (except for some silly Vines). Luckily, many others did take videos.

+Marc Spagnuolo took many great videos and after what I'm sure was much more editing than I would like to do, he put together this great video on what he saw in Covington.

+Matt Vanderlist was paying much more attention in Roy Underhill's Timber! class which opened the conference. He has this great video showing how Roy squares a log.

On Saturday in the marketplace I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Lee Valley Tools. Connie from their social media team talked with many bloggers and some actual talented wood workers and tool makers. I believe there will be a few video's coming out in the coming weeks. This first one covers what the interviewees would teach kids first. I can't say mine is the best answer (it isn't) but there clearly are some wood workers with a great grasp on how to bring the young into the craft.

Of the silly Vines I shot, here is my favorite. I've already shared it and I'm sorry if you've already seen it. I just can't help buy laugh every time I watch.

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