Red Square

I bought my first Woodpecker’s tool a few years ago from Christopher Schwarz. It was during his first tool purge. I bought it as much because it was from Chris as because it was a nice, 12” try square.

Once I received the square, a model 1281, I was amazed by it’s heft, accuracy and build quality. I like Chris, but I’ve never been able to wrap my head around why he’d sell such a great square.

Later that year, at Woodworking in America 2010, I was able to meet Richard Hummel, the founder of Woodpecker’s. We had many conversations over the weekend. Richard’s enthusiasm for machining aluminum was equal the most enthusiastic woodworker talk about wood. Talking with him and finding out how they make their tools sold me on the company.

Since then, I’ve picked up a full set of squares (and even helped convince him that they needed a 26” model). I’ve also managed to collect some T-squares, rules, story sticks and the like.

When they introduced the original Model 640 6” try square as a one time tool in early 2011 I ordered one right away. I’ve found it to be my most used square in the shop. So much so, that when I saw Woodpecker’s at a show with extra one time tools, I bought a second 640.

The new 640 is a very similar square to the old one with just a bit more milling.

The 850 is what has me excited though. With an 8” blade, It hits the sweet spot between 6” and 12” squares.

I ordered an 850. I would have ordered a 640 too, if I didn’t already have two.

You can see more about the new 640 and 850 here, or take a look at their video (the coolest part is when they show the milling).

Order for the new squares end on September 16th, so don’t wait too long.