Awesome Chair 2

Having returned from Fine Woodworking Live 2013 last night, I'm filled with enthusiasm to jump into the shop and build away. I also have tons of photos and other info about the event to share.

I will work on those, and over the coming week I hope to have a post or two about the great event and great time we had. For now, I want to introduce Frank Howarth's Lawn Chair 2 video.

This video is a few weeks old. I apologize if you've seen it already. If you haven't, you definitely need to check it out. Frank uses stop motion animation to detail the entire construction of his chair, from the milling of the tree to putting on the finish. It's not only an interesting chair build, it's also a fascinating work of cinematography.

Frank has a number of other great videos too. You can see more about what he builds at