This weekend I finally got around to a task I should have done months ago - I tuned up my table saw.
For months the saw blade has been misaligned, with the back of the blade angling in towards the fence. This has made cutting anything without burning a challenge and it has been an especially big pain in the ass when I've needed to make a precision cut.
Today I needed to rip 48' of 1x6 pine. After blowing the fuse 4 times during the first rip, I'd had enough. I broke out my blade alignment jig and took out my wrenches.
Alas, it took many, many of these readings to achieve a parallel blade.
I found that the Contractor Saw PALS which had made the initial alignment so easy were now restricting the adjustment of the blade and preventing me from adjusting it properly. They came off quickly. I then tried to adjust just the rear trunnion, but found that I still could not move them enough to correct the alignment. Finally I loosened the front trunnion and nudged it in the opposite direction.
With the front trunnion re-tightened, I was able to tweak the back into place and tighten it up.
Now the blade is only .004” out. Certainly close enough for me to live with.
After going through all the work of aligning the blade, I decided I should take the time to clean it too. Though my Woodworker II still could use a sharpening, it cleaned up nicely with Rockler Pitch and Resin Remover.

Unfortunately, even after aligning and cleaning the blade I still found that I was blowing (far fewer) fuses by ripping the 1x6. I hope that’s just because the single 15 amp circuit in the shop can’t handle the saw and vacuum. I’ll have to wait for the 20 amp outlets to be setup to be sure. Luckily I managed to install 3 more of them today between the other work in the shop.