The MWA Will Rock The FWWLive Build-Off

Fine Woodworking is shaking up woodworking conference night activities with their Friday Night Build-Off.

We'll wait until after the Build-Off to take over the bar.

While +Asa Christiana let it slip while we were talking to him on the Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast, the event has been officially announced.

Bosch has stepped up to supply these brave woodworkers with jigsaws, cordless drills, and bits. FWW will supply the wood, screws, and sawhorses to work on. Along with bragging rights for the next calendar year, the top three teams will take home some of those very tools and supplies, plus they'll be featured on
We are not going to reveal exactly what type of furniture the teams will build until showtime, but they'll have less then two hours to design and build it, using only the tools and supplies listed above, and the audience will choose the winners!
This fun night, running from 7 to 9:30 on Friday, Aug. 9, at the SCSU Student Center, is open to all, and refreshments will be served.

The Modern Woodworkers Association will be attending Fine Woodworking Live in force, and we aim to dominate this competition.

To do that, we'll need your help. Build off teams will be made up of 4 participants. We're looking for volunteers to join the MWA teams. Yep . . . teams. For every 4 volunteers, we'll pull together an additional team.

All it will require is that you sign up below, attend Fine Woodworking Live and join in on Friday night.

This looks like it'll be a great Fine Woodworking Live. We can't wait to see you there as we dominate the build off.