Shop Upgrade Weekend

I worked my butt off on the shop this weekend. I ask you please excuse the brevity of this post.

The mostly empty shop.

Because of all the work - and a few purchases - it feels as though the shop progressed more this past weekend than in the two preceding years.

With a few hours work on Tuesday and Wednesday I finished the 110V wiring in the shop.

So many wonderful outlets.

Since my family was away this past weekend, I took the opportunity to empty the shop and install a floor. I’ll go into more detail in a post dedicated to the shop floor. For now I’ll simply say that it’s nice to have wood under my feet.

I just need to make a threshold and the floor is done.

This was a purchase, rather than an improvement I made (such as the electric & floor). I bought myself a simple window air conditioner after I finished the electric. I installed it last night. This should let me use the shop during the coming heat wave.

This purchase was simply an oportunity I couldn’t turn down. The massive old 8” jointer was posted to Craig’s list friday. When I emailed on Saturday it was still availble. Sunday morning I check it out, saw the wonderful care that had been given to all of the tools in its shop and took it home. I have a bit more to do on the shop before I monkey with it, but I can’t wait to set it up and get it running (it was running, I just had to take it apart to move). Hopefully I can get some Infinity Carbide Tipped Jointer Knives to fit it.

Ain't she pretty?

That’s all I accomplished this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have another productive one soon. Have you managed to have a productive weekend recently?