MWA Podcast #33 - Paul Limiski

MWA Podcast Episode 33 - Paul Lemiski (57:55)

Date: July 1, 2013
By: Chris Adkins, Dyami Plotke, Tom Iovino
Description: Join us for this episode with Paul Lemiski. For more information on Paul, show notes, and the Modern Woodworkers Association visit

Show notes:
What’s in the shop?

    • Chris
      • Chris’ shop is filled with his household goods as he paints and carpets his home.
    • Dyami
      • Dad’s Benchtop Bench
    • Tom
      • 2x4 challenge
  • Main topic
    • Paul Lemiski of Canadian Woodworks
      • Where did you learn it? What got you into making sculpted furniture?
      • 5 Questions
  1. how did you get into woodworking?
    1. High School Shop Teacher
  2. what's your favorite tool?
  3. who has influenced you the most?
    1. Sam Maloof
  4. What was your biggest stumbling block & could it have been avoided?
    1. Starts many projects simultaneously. Juggling them is hard.
  5. How has the internet influenced your work?
    1. The influence has been very important.
    2. Working without influence has been
  • Next broadcast’s topic
    • Special Guest, Wilbur Pan of
      • So long as he’s not called into the hospital