Google+ Comments

As the Penultimate Woodshop is a Blogger blog, it's easy for me to integrate with Google+ using Google+ comments. Google+ comments mean that comments to a blog post or to the corresponding Google+ post will show at both locations.

Should I use Standard Blogger Comments, Google+
Integrated Comments or would you rather mail in
a comments form?

When Google+ comments first came out, I tried them out. I found that they allowed for much more interaction around posts and more conversation.

As much as I liked this, I turned them off when I found that they required a Google account in order to comment (no more anonymous).

Since then I've watched, and almost all of the comments I receive are from people with Google accounts. So, I'm turning Google+ comments back on. I really enjoyed the increased comments.

While doing this, I'm not looking to exclude anyone. So, if you find that you're not able to comment because you don't have a Google account, please email me. If I find that Google+ comments is causing problems, or disenfranchising my audience, I will turn them off again. As far as I'm concerned the increased conversation is nice, but not at the expense of others ability to comment.

So please, if you find the Google+ comments a problem, let me know. Otherwise, please join in the conversation.