Dad's Benchtop Bench: Part V

With the bench built, all that was left was to screw in the two veneer press screws which held on the front vise jaw.

The completed benchtop bench.

While they fit fine, I unfortunately found that once I tightened them, the handles came off the screw shaft. It seemed that since they were meant to exert pressure between the vise nut and the end of the screw shaft, Shop Fox hadn't bothered to attach the handles with anything more than friction.

Nope. That handle wasn't meant to exert clamping pressure.

While the discovery of this issue after I thought I was done did give me pause, I thought about it for a night and by morning I’d come up with a solution.

The pins and drill bits. I only needed 2. I bought 4 just in case.

Locked and ready to drill.

I headed down to the hardware store and picked up some metal pins. After drilling through the handle and screw shaft with my drill press, the pins were easy to knock in with a hammer.

Locked and ready for action.

Once the handles were pinned on, the vise worked great.

Clamping like a champ.

I’m very happy with the way the benchtop bench came out, and my Dad appreciated it as a father’s day gift.