A Seat Carved with a Table Saw?

I've been interested in sculpted furniture for a while. One of the projects I've been obsessed with and gearing up for is a chair. The design I've been kicking around in my head for my first chair juxtaposes a very square frame with a sculpted seat and back (hopefully well).

Over the years I've picked up Kutzall carving disc, an Arbortech Turbo Plane and a Foredam rotary tool. I've played with them all a bit. They've got a bit of learning curve, but they're really fun to play with. I haven't mastered them yet, and I'm still a bit nervous about shaping a chair seat.

I may not need to though. This video (and the accompanying article in Popular Woodworking) show how Mario Rodriquez shapes seats using a relatively simple table saw jig.

This is a very cool technique, which I definitely want to try. I'm not sure I'll leave the seats like this (I think the flat bottom could use a bit more shaping), but it's certainly a quick way to make a nice, carved seat.