A House In The Trees: Part XV

Last weekend I managed to escape from the busy summer and begin the corner board installation on the Tree House.

Gluing up the corner boards

As with any T1-11 sided building, the Treehouse needs corner boards to seal the nasty gaps where the T1-11 panels meet.

I began fabricating the corner boards by ripping 3/4" off of half the 1x6's I had. After assembly, the corner boards should be the same width on both faces. I hate it when lazy carpenters fail to rip one side, resulting in a corner board which is the width of a board on one side and the width + thickness of a board on the other.

After ripping, I glued up the corner boards with no fasteners. I did this so that when I was cutting them to fit, there would be no chance of hitting and exposing a screw or nail.

Once the glue was dry, I primed the inside and outside of the corner boards. They are made of simple, box store pine, so rot could be an issue. If I'd waited until they had been installed, any water which did get behind them could easily rot into the bare wood. The primer doesn't make the rot proof, but it will help. I also primed the cut edges, prior to installation.

I dry fit each corner board and used relative dimensioning to mark them to exact length. A quick trip to the miter saw later, they were ready to install.

The first corner board is installed.

I put a double bead of M-1 sealant behind each side of the corner board, slid them into place and fastened them with screws. Before the final painting, I'll apply another bead of M-1 to the exterior joint where the corner boards meet the T1-11.