A House In The Trees: Part XIV

A few weeks ago the Tree House suffered a major setback when one of the main support bolts broke. After some immediate triage consisting of temporary supports to hold up the unsupported corner and supplement the two (2) bolts which hadn't broken yet, I've finally managed to restore the sagging tree house deck to its original position.

Finally, a jack setup that works. The deck is going up.

By using a house jack (or two) and ultimately learning that I needed to brace the jack stand against the tree and screw it together to prevent it from toppling under the weight, I was able to raise the deck back to it's proper height today. It's now held there with two (2) temporary supports.

The 4" x 6" which will make the new permanent supports are ready to go. Next weekend I'll begin digging out for the posts. Once they're attached - hopefully this month - we'll be back on track to paint the sides and install the decking.