Updated Woodworking Blogs

I'm looking to revamp my website. I loved the HTML 5 goodness of my previous, Dynamic View template. Unfortunately, it had errors displaying the side column info and, more importantly, the comments. Back to my current, traditional Blogger template I moved.

I've not been the only one changing the look of their blog recently. In Fact, a few others have not just changed, but massively improved their blogs.

Matt's Basement Workshop
Matt's the Podfather of Woodworkers. He's been around forever and for good reason. Over that time his site has gone through a number of revisions. Thanks to the success of his recent fundraising campaign (& the generosity of the woodworking community), his brand new site is fantastic - his best yet. It now features much less clutter, a focus on the most recent videos and a much better search.

Todd Clippinger is a woodworking machine. He seems to be in his shop 24/7 and his constant encouragement to the community is to get into the shop. Todd's a SquareSpace user, and he's recently upgraded to SquareSpace 6. This has brought his site to a new level of navigational ease, content accessibility and UI cleanliness. It also improves Todd's content management experience.

Todd's in the shop as you read this.
I need a vacation's worth of time to work on, change and upgrade my site. When I do, I'll likely go SquareSpace. Until then, I hope you don't mind the current Penultimate Woodshop too much.