The Woodworking Shows Are Back!

This year the Woodworking Shows are under new ownership with renewed energy, enthusiasm and excitement.

Every year the Woodworking Shows visit my neck of the woods when they stop in Somerset, NJ. I've attended almost every show there for the last decade. In that time the quality of the show has moved decidedly downhill, the number and quality of the vendors has shrunken and it has gone from a full day to a few hour affair.
2 years ago, Andy and I were able to hang out and talk chair making.

There was a highlight two (2) years ago when Andy Chidwick traveled with the show, giving lectures and generally spreading woodworking enthusiasm. Even then the atmosphere was less than exciting though.

This year, under their new management, the Woodworking Shows have rebounded and are well on the way to their former glory. Andy is back teaching about design and his wonderful sculpted woodworking. Jim Heavey, Paul Sellers, Roland Johnson, The Crazy Canadian and others are packing the lecture spaces also. Woodworkers are excited to attend and partake.
Where else can you see a cool bench like this, other than the Woodworking Shows.
There seemed to also be more vendors this year, and the vendors seem to be of higher quality. Companies like Woodpeckers, Arbortech and Clear Vue Cyclones were worth attendance alone.

The sense that I, and that the other attendees I spoke with, had is that the shows are back. The energy, enthusiasm and excitement are returning. The fun day of woodworking education, tool test drives and comradery is here again.
If you see this trailer, go in and check it out.
If the Woodworking Shows can maintain this return to form, next year will be a must attend. Check their calendar and see when they'll be near you. It'll be a worthwhile day.