A Chair Or A Hole In My Head

I need to make a chair right now like I need a hole in my head.

Looks like a chair, no?

I have at least a blog post worth of unfinished, halfway built projects in my shop. Yet, I’m having a damn hard time working on any of them. In my head, I keep turning my chair design over and over.

As with many of my ideas, I’m thinking of building my first chair out of Timberstrand. I’m in agreement with all of you who I’m sure are yelling that real wood - Walnut even - is what real chairs should be made of. Even though I’ve a soft spot in my heart for Timberstrand, I agree that it’s not what truly fine chairs are made of.

This chair though, is more experiment than fine woodworking. I’m using it to test my design, push my skill and see if Timberstrand shapes and dyes well.

This video demonstrates the first part of the test. Will my arm and joinery be strong enough?

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