Chatting With The Chidwicks

After The Woodworking Shows a few weeks ago,  Andy Chidwick and his family were kind enough to slog through New York City traffic and come visit my shop.
When lecturing to a large group, Andy's constantly on the move.
We had a great talk about how the shop is coming along, how I usually work, what its like to work on the road and how Andy needs an on demand class. As a true Montanan felt my shop was warm and soundly put together, I had a nice ego boost of knowing the shop is coming along. If only my tools had been setup and we could have played with building methods rather than shop assembly.
Sadly, this is the mid-renovation condition the shop was in when Andy visited.
After the full shop tour (it takes surprisingly long for such a small shop) my family and the Chidwicks headed to dinner. They explained how a benefit of being on the road, all over the country, was that they were experiencing the best local cuisine.

Over dinner we discussed how part of the Chidwick's charge is to promote the Woodworking Shows and help reengage the audience. If this past show season is any indication, they are well on their way to a revitalized Woodworking Shows (you can find my post about the 2012 Woodworking Shows here).
Andy's work is stunning to examine in person.
The Woodworking Shows season has come to a close for 2013 and the Chidwicks are back in Montana. The next show season isn't far away. If you can make it to the Shows be sure to see Andy and the other presenters. I think you'll be glad you did.