Blurry In The Shop: Too Many Projects To Focus

I've got too many projects open right now, and I can't seem to focus.
Sheathing . . . finally.
The shop itself has been an open project since the fall of 2008 when I tore out the garage. I've been actively working on the shop since returning from Woodworking in America 2011. In that time I've managed to super insulate the walls (R-40), run the new wiring and sheath with 3/4" OSB. With the installation of outlets, I'm closing in on a functional space.
This tree house isn't going to finish itself.
As the shop puts me in a honey do deficit, I also have the requisite family project going on. Since last summer I've been working on a tree house for my kids. At this point its fully framed and sheathed. I just need to roof it, deck it and build a ladder. As the weather is breaking and the kids are ever anxious for their tree house, this is probably where most of my time will go for the foreseeable future.

Some day, this will hold a glue gun.
Currently on my bench there is a half finished glue gun rack. It's made of walnut with ebony accents as most glue gun racks are. Its a design as I go project. While this method usually works for me, the design process for this project isn't holding my attention and the rack is beginning to stall.
Some day, this is going to be an ass kicking bench.
The bench itself is another open project. I'm still using a Whiteside bench I bought off Craig's List many years ago. In 2011 I began working on my Clockwork Bench. I've gotten as far as rounding up my vise hardware (and having it custom milled). I've also picked up the lumber for the bench.It's waiting patiently in my attic.
Also in my arrive is a chair my Aunt & Uncle have asked me to fix. It's a relatively generic piece of commercially made oak furniture. I need to make a missing arm and reattach a loose one. Luckilly, I've been told by my uncle that the shape of the new arm doesn't need to be perfect, just the color & tone of the finish.
Those five (5) projects are probably enough to keep me busy through the end of 2013. Yet, its not the glue gun rack or my bench details that I've been sketching lately. I've been scribbling away on chair designs like mad over the last few week. I’ve got a sinking suspicion that this sixth project may end up being the first one finished.