A Trilogy of Great Confrences

The past few years have been a boon for woodworking conferences. Popular Woodworking starting things with Woodworking in America. Last year Fine Woodworking joined the fray with Fine Woodworking Live. This year the inaugural Weekend With Wood brings Wood Magazine to the game also.
What could be more fun than a room full of woodworkers?

For my reader who’s been following along, you've heard me rant about how wonderful woodworking conferences are. If you've not heard my spiel, they are wonderful. It’s great to take classes from some of the best in the business (true, no matter which conference you attend) and it’s even better to spend a weekend with fellow woodworkers.

Two of the three magazine sponsored events are on sale now and the third will be out soon. If you can attend any of them, you really should.

May 17-19
Des Moines, IA

August 8-11
New Haven, CT

October 18-20
Cincinnati, OH

To find out more on any of the events, be sure to listen to the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast inteview’s with their respective Magazine Editors.