Penultimate Woodshop Renovation Video 12

After spending the beginning of the year working on Pinewood Derby cars, Cub Scout achievement birdhouses and tool instruction, I finally made it back to the Tree House and Shop a few weeks ago. It was mainly a day of Treehouse work, so I just snuck in a little shop work when I could.

To cutout for the window, cut and undersized hole then reach through
and mark the  jam locations on the back of the OSB.

That meant I didn't get too much done, but I did manage to fit another piece of OSB sheathing. This one was a minor milestone, in that it trims out the last window.

Unfortunately, the piece I cut out had the same measuring error in it that cost me 3 pieces of gable end trim on the treehouse (be sure to use the correct scale). I didn't realize it until the piece was hung on the wall and it was late in the day, but this is my shop, so I bit the bullet and re-made the piece.