The MWA On The Highland Woodworker

While I was at Woodworking in America last year I had the pleasure of meeting Charles Brock. Charles is a true southern gentleman and an expert chairmaker. If you’re not familiar with his chairs, they are of the sculptural, Maloof inspired. I think they’re gorgeous.
The in progress chair in Charles' booth at WIA 2012
At WIA2012 our Modern Woodworkers Association (MWA) booth was just down the aisle from Charles’ booth. This let me wander past and gawk more than I probably should have. After a few passes I struck up a conversation with Charles. We talked of many things, including how he began to teach chair making and what the MWA was all about. I was even able to record our 5 questions with him.

Recently, Charles asked me to provide an intro about the MWA to be featured on his web TV show, the Highland Woodworker.

Episode 5 of the Highland Woodworker was just released and we made it. Not only is the MWA bit I recorded included at the end, Charles also interviews +Christopher Adkins & +Scott Meek during the segment on the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at Highland Woodworking.

For more on Charles, you can check out this interview +Shannon Rogers did with him leading up to Woodworking in America 2011 and stay tuned to the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast too. Charles will be an upcoming guest.