The Shop Tour Series: Part I

For anyone who’s been reading along (or listening to me go on about it on the MWA Podcast), you know that I’ve been working on the shop for a long time. When I got home from Woodworking in America 2011 I went right to work on my bench (for about a month). Then it got cold and I’ve been working on my shop renovation since (with plenty of project interruptions).
Working down in the trenches during the early days of shop renovation.

I’m currently in what I call Phase 1 of the the renovation. It is the wiring, insulation and sheathing of the two (2) exterior walls. The remaining phases, as I envision them now, are as follows:

Phase 1.5 Insulate and Sheath the Floor
Phase 2 Bump out the back wall
Phase 3 Cathedral the ceiling

As I’m hoping to accomplish a lot in the shop this year, I thought it would be interesting and motivating to document it on a regular basis. So, I’m going to film a shop tour each month. For this first one (1), I spend a bit of time just going over the shop. In the future I’ll try to focus on what has changed.

Here is the premier: 2013 January Shop Tour