The Worst Day Possible . . . Only Worse

Last Friday was a terrible day. The pain, suffering and loss which Newtown, Connecticut experienced will impact the families and community for the rest of their lives. As a parent, I cannot imagine the pain being suffered there.

As moving as the events were, I wouldn't bring them up here if it wasn't for the location. Newtown, Connecticut is the home of the Taunton Press, Fine Woodworking, Fine Hombuilding and their sister publications. Luckily, no one at Taunton suffered a loss, though they will certainly never be the same.

In order to help those who were directly victimized, Taunton is suggesting donations to the United Way of Western Connecticut. They (the United Way) have teamed up with the Newtown Savings Bank and created the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. According to the Fine Woodworking Blog Post:
The fund will provide support services to the family and community that has been affected by the tragedy.
 I trust FWW when they say they have confirmed the fund will actually support the community. I'm going to give. I'd like you to also.
Dyami PlotkeNewtownComment