Holiday Ramblings

As the year draws to it's end and the holidays arrive, I've found much going on in and out of the woodshop. While I will go into more detail on these projects, here's a brief summary.

Tin Can Caddies
For the past two (2) weeks or so I've been working on some tin can caddies for my wife. They're simple totes that will hold six (6) standard tin cans. They're meant to be used by scrapbookers, who will presumably use cans to store their craft items. The caddies will let them take a half dozen of their cans with them.  All that's left for me to do is put a finish on them. As my wife said that she wouldn't be able to decorate the cans in time to give them as Christmas gifts, the caddies have been put on hold in the shop.
Two (2) of the caddies, one with a tin can.

Wand Stands
In the summer of 2011 I made some wands for my wife and her family in celebration of the final Harry Potter film. When I gave them the wands, my sister-in-law retorted "where's the stand?" I of course went right to work making the stands. Unfortunately  since about mid September of 2011 until now, the constructed stands have sat in my shop, on my bench and in the way needing nothing more than sanding and finish to complete them. Over the past week, in conjunction with sanding the Tin Can Caddies, I finally sanded them. Yesterday I managed to get a half dozen coats of shellac on them and then glue in the feet. Tonight I'll wrap them and three (3) lucky wand owners will get custom stands for Christmas.
What a wanderful way to hold a want.

Shop Talk Live
Last Friday I went to +Fine Woodworking's office with my fellow +Modern Woodworkers Association member +Rob Bois of The Bois Shop. We were there as guest on their podcast, Shop Talk Live. We had a great time bantering with +Asa Christiana+Ed Pirnik and +Matthew Kenney. We talk about the MWA, if sliding compound miter saws are good or bad and learned not to drink the shellac. It was a blast to record with them and we certainly appreciate the invitation to be on and the opportunity to promote the MWA. The episode will publish on Friday, 12/28/12. You can get it by subscribing to them on iTunes.
I actually look like I might know what I'm doing.

Once Christmas is done I hope to finish the sheathing of the Tree house walls, put finish on the Tin Can Caddies and get some more shop insulating work done. Looks like there's no rest for the wicked.