There's A Sale A Goin' On At The Wood Whisperer Store

It's that time of year again, when we take a moment to say thanks for all thing big (surviving Hurricane Sandy) and small (a Tim Horton's Double Double & Cruller actually was good). It's also the time of year Marc, The Wood Whisperer, has his big sale.
That's one fine cruller.
If you're not flush with Wood Whisperer gear already (and maybe even if you are), head over to Marc's site to check it out. He's offering 25% off Thursday, 20% off Friday and 15% off Saturday, so don't delay.
Yep, this turkey is a great woodworker.
Be sure to pick up a shop apron, as his are the best available. I gave away my others when I received it. The pockets are nice and the cross strapping that doesn't bother you neck is the best.
A wicked awesome apron.
From everyone at the Penultimate Woodshop and the Modern Woodworkers Assocation, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.