The Schürch For Great Marquetry

Last weekend was Woodworking in America 2012 Midwest. Between WIA and hurricane Sandy, it’s been hard to get to posting. I’m going to try to a make up for that by sharing all that I can about WIA and the great woodworkers we met there.
We are the Modern Woodworkers Association. Meet us when you can.

Since I was busy manning the Modern Woodworkers Association booth, I wasn’t able to partake in classes at WIA as much as I’d hoped too. Luckily, the first class I took was worth many.
Paul Schürch, Master Marquetry Guy
Marquetry for Furniture by Paul Schurch was a fantastic introduction to marquetry. Paul took us through his journey of discovering marquetry and wading through the many ways of doing it until he found his own. While continually reminding us that there were many ways to do it, and all were perfectly valid, he emphasized that his method of “packet cutting” was what worked for him.

I’ll admit that I’ve not given much thought to marquetry before this class. That said, Paul’s artistry and easy explanation certainly make is seem within reach for anyone with even modest experience to try.
One of Paul's beautiful, marquetried tables (photo from his website)
Paul, of course, has a full featured web site ( with instruction, DVDs & marquetry supplies. As it happens, his book/DVD combo pack is currently on sale at Shop Woodworking. It's a great set for anyone interested in marquetry.

editors note - after this post was written, but before I published, Paul-Marcel of Half-Inch Shy posted a great blog and video about Paul. It's nicer than this post and well worth the read.