The Wondrous Woodshop Widget

It seems like forever ago my friend, Kenneth Woodruff released the Woodshop Widget for iOS. This wasn’t too big a deal for me, as I’m an entrenched Android user. However even I found the web version a fantastic resource. Thankfully, Kenneth has just released the Woodshop Widget for Android.
Now for Android!
In Kenneth’s words, the Woodshop Widget is a handy collection of woodworking-related utilities, ranging from board volume calculation to shellac mixing aids, squareness testing and many other goodies.
The Very Handy Shellac Pound Cut Calculator.
The Board Foot Calculator (it does $ too).
If you’ve tried the Woodshop Widget on iOS or on the web, you know how fantastic it is. If you’re an Android user as I am, you owe it to your shop to go to the Play Store and buy the Woodshop Widget. Both the iOS and Android versions will cost you $3.99. I’ll tell you based just on the times I’ve use the flash based web version on my phone, that $3.99 is a great deal. Try it out first on the web, and you’ll soon see for yourself how handy the Woodshop Widget is on your phone, in the shop (and at the lumber yard).