Two Years On, And I've Still Not Achieved the Ultimate Woodshop

Holy crap! It dawned on me this morning that I started the Penultimate Woodshop mid-summer two years ago. I just checked the blog archive, and my fist post was two years ago, yesterday.
Ye olde original cone monster (he's real).
It's been a great two years and I'm striving to keep the posts coming semi-regularly and working to build the online community even more by contributing to the Modern Woodworkers Association.

I'd like to thank everyone for reading and joining me on this delightful online woodworking journey. I've made many good friends and had many opportunities I wouldn't otherwise have had. Thank you all.
An early incarnation of the shop setup (now quite a bit different).
For nostalgia, here's a link to my first post. I wouldn't write it this way today, but it was appropriate for the time it was written. Thank You, Adam King

I'll keep it up and try to get next year's anniversary post up on time. At least I remember my wedding anniversary is August 18th. Now, if I could just remember the year . . .