A House In The Trees: Part V

Progress on the Tree House has progressed at a steady (and slow) rate.
The 3/4" x 12" beast.
I began the actual site work for the tree house by setting the large bolts that will support it. The bolts are critical because they must not only be strong enough to hold up the Treehouse, they must also allow free movement between the trees and the Treehouse in order to accommodate movement of the trees. After I had installed the first few bolts, I looked at the physical space outlined by the three (3) trees I planned on using and realized that I wasn't happy with the size of shape.

In this video, I  describe the change in shape and the replacement of a 10" bolt with a 12" bolt in order to accommodate the fact that the bolt will no longer be perpendicular to the beam.

This next video shows the first of the main beams. At least . . . it tries to. Sorry for the dark shots. By the time I finished that day, the sun had set.

Next up, I'll begin permanently mounting the main beams.

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