On Chris Spak's Exterior Workbench

In episode #99 of Wood Talk Online, our friends Marc, Matt & Shannon respond to a listener email from Chris Spak. You can read the whole email and listen to the entire great episode on the Wood Talk Online page of The Woodwhisperer Site.

Chris' question was regarding his lack of interior shop space. He was asking how to make a bench that could withstand being outside all the time.

The Wood Talk Online boys discussed wood types and methods of covering the bench and keeping it dry that I think are probably the best way for Chris to go. Though admittedly, Chris is in the unfortunate position of having to make the best of a bad situation. There is no ideal solution for a workbench that lives outside.

As I'm a commercial roofing contractor by day and I'm always talking about commercial building materials in the woodshop, Shannon brought me up as a possible resource for Chris. Alas, as I've said above I don't think there's a great solution for his situation, but I did record my thoughts on how he can make the best of it.

Please take a listen and if Chris or anyone else has any other questions about exterior building products or anything in the woodshop, please let me know.