A House In The Trees: Part IV

About 7 years ago my Uncle was making my Cousin a tree house. He asked me to build a window for it, and I happily did. It ended up being the last project I completed in my old shop before it became my twin son’s bedroom.

While I never had a chance to see my Uncle’s tree house, I understand it was a bit of a disaster. In fact, the reason I never saw it was because it was down (with the trees which supported it) before I next came to visit.

Fortunately, the window I made never made it into the ill fated tree house. It spent the last 7 years gathering dust in my Uncle’s garage.

Since he still had it, and wasn’t using it, I’ve not got it back. I’ll be putting it up in our tree house (once we actually get to building the “house” portion).

Here’s a video I made describing the window.

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