Meet the Modern Woodworkers Association at Woodworking in America

I usually limit most of my Online Woodworking Community discussion to the Modern Woodworkers Association site, podcast and organization I help run.
Today I'm sharing some MWA news here also, because the news is big. Popular Woodworking Magazine has been kind enough to enter into a marketing agreement with the Modern Woodworkers Assocaition. In exchange for helping to promote Woodworking in America, the Modern Woodworkers Association will receive booth space at both the Pasadena and Cincinnati WIAs in 2012. They will also provide us with a small compensation for anyone who buys tickets to either WIA using our affiliate code: MODERNWW

Please understand that the code has some implications on the use of early bird pricing, so before you run out and use it, please read the full post here, on the MWA blog.
On behalf of the entire MWA, I thank you for your support and we'll see you at WIA.